Medieval, Full Moon Wedding in Cloghan Castle – R&D



” We are not your typical anything, Reema (the bride) has a skull fetish and Derek (the groom) is a hard core Chiver always rocking a BFM shirt. Early on we knew we wanted to get married in Ireland in a Haunted Castle just because! With the help of our awesome wedding planner at Elegant Events, we made that dream a reality. Nov. 23 2015, 16 of our closest friends and family had trekked around the world to come celebrate with us in our dark and romantic wedding. I, Reema, am a designer and I added my imagination and touch to every detail. I custom designed my wedding ring and box, created my own earrings and necklace just because I couldn’t find what I wanted. Even my wedding dress was designed with my unique flair, a modern Victorian ball gown in black, white and emerald; special thanks to my awesome photographer, MrsRedHead, who knew how to lace up my corset! Even the music was hand picked by us to reflect our rock and roll tastes; during the ceremony a cello version of Stairway To Heaven could be heard, as well as a choir version of Nothing Else Matters. We wanted poetry from Dr. Seuss, a hand fasting, and rose ceremony as we tied the knot, and after we were announced as King and Queen we exited to Alive by P.O.D. We encourage everyone to march to the beat of their own drum, play Marilyn Manson and Papa Roach for your first dance if you want to, like we did, add skulls and rock out, after all it’s your wedding, it should be as unique and personal as you are. We wouldn’t change a thing for the world, it was so magical, intimate, and haunted and we LOVED it! “

Reema & Derek




Elegant Events

Photographer : MrsRedHead Photography

Second shooter : Aleksandra Skibniewska

Cloghan Castle

Celtic Dance Fusion

Green Olive Catering

Confetti Cakes Ireland

Interfaith Ministries

Hair : Beautiful Ambition

Hair Accessory : Offbeatstyle

Cloak : capeandcrown13

Grooms Ring : MinterandRichterDes

Brides Ring :

Kildare Street Hotel

Lough Rea Spa & Hotel