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Photography is my life, my passion and my love.

I am a mother, wife, motorcycle fanatic, animal and fine art lover, pedagogist, and a storyteller…

I absolutely love photographing people. I’m a full time wedding photographer and LOVE every minute of it.

I aim to capture candid moments.

I get to be present for the day that you will remember your whole life, capturing every moment from the sneaky pints to the cheeky bum squeezes, I’ll be there in the background like a cupid ninja snapping it all up. I don’t force any cheesy smiles, I like em au natural baby. I like to allow the photos to tell the story of the day as it happened, from the last nervous glances to the first tears of joy.

Quirky & Alternative

I plan to shake up traditional wedding photography and really capture the spirit of the couple and their loved ones.

You’re making me blush…

I have gratefully been showered with awards, which tells me I’m doing something right! I provide a professional service that has not only exceeded the highest standards of the wedding industry, I have earned a reputation as a photographer with her own unique style. If you’re looking for flair and passion, look no further. ; )

I’m in hot demand!

My 2022 and 2023 calendar is fully booked. I have a few free dates left in 2024 and 2025 dates are going very  fast ! If you wanna run away to the west of Ireland to get married then I’m running along with you. I can put you in  touch with local wedding organisers who will help you plan the perfect day – intimate or OTT,  chilled or wild,  however the hell you wanna do it!

My 2022 is fully booked and only a few free dates left in 2023 (2024 dates are going very fast)!
Please contact me as soon as you have your date set and you wish to have me as your photographer…